Monday, October 4, 2010

Melbourne Venues

Please note that the following list is just a starting point... there are many, many more venues to be added!

Please add to this list by either of the following methods...

1/  Use the email link here ...
2/  Visit our group page at ... Facebook
3/ Use the comments link below

Any venues not on our list will be added as soon as we can.

Bombay Rock Brunswick earlier location in Bourke st in city and called The Bombay Bicycle Club
The Club aka The Jump Club Collingwood
Matthew Flinders, Warrigal Rd Chadstone.
Chasers South Yarra
The Village Green
The Armadale Armadale
The Station Hotel Prahan
Martinis Carlton
Peter Poynton's?? Carlton
The University Hotel Carlton
Polaris Inn aka Hearts Carlton
The Hallam Hotel
The Wheelers Hill Hotel

The Windsor Castle
The Aberdeen
The Spyhole (Nth Fitzroy)
The Dorset Gardens Croydon
Ringwood Iceland
Mooroolbark Ice Rink
Union nights at the universities and colleges (Swinny, RMIT, Caulfield etc)
Storey Hall
The Prospect Hill Hotel aka The Warehouse? (Kew)
London Tavern (Caulfield)
The Q Club Kew Town Hall
The Harp aka The Q Club (Kew
The Central Club
The Tiger Lounge aka The Tiger Room (Richmond)
The Whitehorse (Blackburn)
The Doncaster Inn (Doncaster)
Top Of The Town Doncaster
The Sentimental Bloke (Bulleen)
The Sovereign Frankston
Yhe Pier (Frankston)
The Golf View (Geelong)
The Sundowner Geelong
The Eureka Hotel Geelong
The Council Club (aka Richies Nitespot and Kramers - Preston)
The Anglers Club (City)
The Prince of Wales
The Crystal/Seaview Ballroom
The Venue/, Bojangles (St Kilda)
The Manhattan (Vermont?)
The Ferntree Gully Hotel aka The Middle..
Kingston Rock
The Pier Hotel.
The Kingston Richmond
Southside Six Moorabin (now the Sandbar?)
Dallas Brooks Hall
The Lemon Tree Carlton
The Moonee Ponds Tavern
The International Hotel Airport West aka Skyways International
The Sandown Park
The Espy St Kilda
Capers / The New Capers Hawthorn
The Palace St Kilda
The Cross Keys Hotel Pascoe Vale
SUNBURY Diggers Rest
The Commodore Sandringham
BeBopALoo Bar - Barkly Hotel St Kilda
Melbourne Town Hall
Collingwood Town Hall
Chelsea Heights Hotel

Ormond Hall at The Vivtorian Institute For The Blind...
Stoned Again

#1 Spring Street.. as
Hard Rock Cafe  and other names to be added


TF Much Ballroom
Much More Ballroom

Centennial Hall in the showgrounds... great live Bushwackers gigs there where the crowd of over 1000 had the floor moving... really moving.

then there are the pubs in North Melbourne t


  1. Hi Gruntrat

    How about the "Reefer Cabaret" @ Ormond Hall?

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  3. Anyone remember 321?
    Also a Saturday venue near Opus and for that matter "Opus"

  4. You should edit the "the"s out of the list. Makes it easier to read.
    But, as Gra Gra would say "Faark" I've forgotten a lot of these places existed.

  5. Thumpin' Tum
    Southside Six Moorabbin

    You have the Central Club Richmond in the list.
    We used to goe there every Wed. night in the mid/late 70's to see the Honeydrippers featuring the great Andy Baylor on guitar.
    The guys seemed to be a fairly fragmented bunch and the night was more like a serious practice session than a real gig but, shit, they were good.
    Don't know how we got home to Brighton without getting pulled up for 05.
    And the piano player would take the upright piano out of the back of his EH Holden wagon in 3 pieces and assemble it on stage with gaffer tape.

    Ahh! Those were the days.

  6. Prefect place have been chosen for conference . I like it

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  7. Matilda's Tavern- Queen St, City
    Subterranean- top end of Swanston St, almost across the road and down a bit from the Cadillac Bar/Club.

  8. BBC was actually not related to Bombay. My partner built Bombay, Chasers, The Warehouse, Silvers ( twice ), Chasers & The Chevron. I remember going on site during the day & he would point out "dance floor goes there, upstairs bar here etc." A wild ride. I remember also Hides, University Club, Bananas, The Dover, Hides, Canopus, Sweethearts, Tiger Lounge, Tiger Room, Boardwalk & more. Out every night of the week except Mon. X

    1. Not true I and Peter Iwaniuk built Chasers, Mark U'Dorovitch rebuilt Club Chevron, Peter Iwaniuk built Bombay, George Frew built the Bombay Bicycle Club, The Former Love Machine Warehouse was built by Philip Ryde, Silvers was built by Geof Bade and Kenneth Perrie,

  9. Brod Smith at Macy's in South Yarra. His version of Van Morrison's "Domino" got me every time. He used to have this almighty lead on his microphone which enabled him to be singing from out on Toorak Road - whilst we were jam packed inside wondering where the fuck he was! Other nights it was Shaun & Fiddler at the TOK H, race down to Athols' Abbey in St Kilda Road (not so much for the jazz music but because they were still serving piss) and then onto the Musician's Union in Windsor. Great days (nights) that will never be forgotten.

  10. Marijuana House, I think in Brunswick. So many other awesome pub venues. A band called Afrijah, singer was Stockton Riley. Anyone familiar with this?

    1. Came across this while searching for Afrijah. Trying to remember the name of the pub we used to see them regularly for a sunday session. Good crazy times.

  11. Has any one got any information on top of the town Doncaster

  12. Loft at Pram Factory Carlton, lugging amps up the stairs

  13. Thumping Tum and That's Life discos

  14. Has anyone got info on the Southside Six? I'm interested to know what it looked like on the inside.

  15. anyone remember the venue in melbourne that had beds hanging from the roof

  16. Anyone remember a club called Arabella's or similar near Nauru tower? It was up on the second floor and had a lounge as well as tables and a dancefloor.

    1. Annabella's - nicknamed "Blades" for some reason? Absolutely pumped, an incredible venue and gay bar. Gorgeous sweeping staircase. Saw my first Drag show there around 1977!

  17. Other places that come to mind ; Oddmod/Kew Club ( Kew Civic Centre ), Black & Blue ( Balwyn RSL,) Opus ( Prahran ) Keyboard ( Punt Road ) 431 ( St Kilda Road ) and of course Powerhouse, by the lake


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  19. Marijuana House. Smith st Collingwood. Anyone remember that venue. There was food downstairs (Roger Hart/Wells cooked downstairs then secret police or might have been little heroes would play upstairs. Where funny enough lots of Marijuana was consumed!) Other bands played there too... that's just an example!!! Lol memory is a little blurred!

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