Monday, October 4, 2010

Address of Venues / Names of Band Members

We are also trying to compile an address for each of the venues if anyone can help?

We are also looking to add a list of band members and year dates in the case of member changes.
Any information in this area would be greatly appreciated.

A "where are they now" section has been throw into the arena... does anyone think that is a good idea?

cheers... Gruntrat


  1. The pictures are great and the venue is really very beautiful. A wedding is meant to be the happiest day in the lives on a couple that is in love, therefore it should be perfect.
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  2. Hello Every one other bands i remember from the early eighties are Aussie Mayo, Heaven,Fury,Real Life, The Saracens, The Spaniards,Taipan,Bo Diddley (US),The dead Kenedys(US),,the Radiators,Wendy (Stapleton) & The Rockets (from the Wrock Down program on CH31),The old 55's (Wilbur Wildefrom Hey Hey its saturday),The Little River Band,Angry Anderson,.Tony Cats(Sky Hooks Bass player was the Manager),Gary Glitter (UK),Joan Jett (US)(from memory I have to check the pictures),Russell Morris,James Rayne,Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons,Brian Manixx from the Uncanny X-Men, William Everett "Billy" Preston (US) (played for the Beatles etc), (all played at the Bombay Rock, the owners also had the other venue The"Ball Room" in St Kilda,next to the Espy),Chrissy Amplett and the Divinyls,Renee Geyer, Hope this helps,see you Jo.

  3. Does anybody remember a Melbourne band called (I think) The Red Hot Peppers? Dutch bloke up front who could play about twenty different instruments. And a tall female vocalist from memory. May have even been from New Zealand. They were always a great live act.

    1. Marion Arts & The Red Hot Peppers.

  4. Does anybody know the name of the disco in Brighton , just near the beach near South Rd , was a girls name.

  5. Does anybody recall the Rock band name starting with "A" that came from Merimbula , was very religious and played a lot of Thin Lizzy covers.